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Microsoft Teams - Known issues... no more!?

Microsoft is documenting a list of things (about Microsoft Teams) that are not working as expected by Microsoft or customers. The list has been around for quite some time. New things are added, but I noticed things on the list that are clearly working as of this writing are not removed. So let’s have a look together and maybe you support my pull request.

The article: Known issues for Microsoft Teams

My pull request:

Known issues that are no longer known issues

Manage Microsoft Teams membership with Azure AD Access Review

This post will introduce you to the Azure AD Access Review feature. With the introduction of modern collaboration through Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams being the main tool it is important to mange who is a member to the underlying Office 365 Group (Azure AD Group).

<DE>Für eine erhöhte Reichweite wird der Post heute auf Englisch erscheinen. Es geht um die Einführung von Access Reviews (Azure AD) im Zusammenspiel mit Microsoft Teams. Das Verwalten der Mitgliedschaft eines Teams wird durch den Einsatz von diesem Feature unterstützt und stellt die Besitzer weiter in den Mittelpunkt. Sollte großes Interesse an einer komplett deutschen Version bestehen, dann lasst es mich bitte wissen.</DE>

Microsoft has great resources to get started on a technical level. The feature enables a set of people to review another set of people. Azure AD is leveraging this capability (all under the bigger umbrella called Identity Governance) on two assets: Azure AD Groups and Azure AD Apps. Microsoft Teams as a hub for collaboration is build on top of Office 365 Groups and so we will have a closer look at the Access Review part for Azure AD Groups.

Each Office 365 Group (each Team) is build from a set of owners and members. With the open nature of Office 365, members can be employees, contractors, or people outside of the organization. image