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My blog has moved - From Tumblr to Hugo on GitHub Pages

My blog now has a new home. It is no longer hosted on and it is now hosted on GitHub Pages. The main reason to get of Tumblr is the poor image handling. The overall experience was OK. I liked the editor and best of all it is all free including running on your own domain! Having my own name was a key driver. I was running my blog on my own v-server back in the days. I tried a lot of platforms (, and prior Tumblr I ran on a “self” hosted WordPress instance). The only constant was and will be my RSS hosting. Believe it or not I’m still running Feedburner from Google. One service that is still not (yet?) killed by search giant (RIP Google Reader). With all the previous choices there was also on driving factor: I’m cheap, can I get it for free? Yes and it will stay 100% free for you and me!

Today is the day I switched to a static website! It is 2020 and the hipster way to go. So, what does it take to run a blog on a static site generator?

Main benefits:

  • Still free
  • I own my content 100%
  • Better image handling (high-res with zoom)
  • Better inline code handling and highlighting
  • Learning new stuff

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Marco Scheel nach seinem Umzug von Wordpress zu Tumblr

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