Microsoft is documenting a list of things (about Microsoft Teams) that are not working as expected by Microsoft or customers. The list has been around for quite some time. New things are added, but I noticed things on the list that are clearly working as of this writing are not removed. So let’s have a look together and maybe you support my pull request.

The article: Known issues for Microsoft Teams

My pull request:

Known issues that are no longer known issues

Audit logs may report an incorrect username as initiator when someone has been removed from a Team

Teams team is a modern group in AAD. When you add/remove a member through the Teams user interface, the flow knows exactly which user initiated the change, and the Audit log reflects the correct info. However, if a user adds/removes a member through AAD, the change is synced to the Teams backend without telling Teams who initiated the action. Microsoft Teams picks the first owner of team as the initiator, which is eventually reflected in the Audit log as well.

Related Issue: [Audit logs may report an incorrect username as initiator when someone has been removed from a Team


I validated group membership edits from the new Microsoft Admin Portal ( and from the Azure Portal ( In both cases the audit logs showed the correct user. In both cases I used my cloudadmin account that is not part of the team and the audit logs documented the operation as the executing user. image

Unable to delete connectors as a team owner

Attempting to delete a connector as an owner, that can otherwise add a connector, while “Allow members to create, update, and remove connectors” is disabled throws an error indicating the user does not have permission to do so. Source:

I tested this in my lab environment in various combinations and I did not run into this issue. For example:

  1. Leia created a team and added Luke as a member
  2. Luke added an Incoming Webhook as a connector
  3. Leia didn’t like Luke’s webhook so she decided to remove the member permission to configure connectors for the team
  4. Luke wanted to add another connector, but the option is now missing from his context menu for the channel
  5. Leia deleted the Incoming Webhook that look created without a problemimage

Planner on single sign-on (SSO) build

SSO does not apply to Planner. You will have to sign in again the first time you use Planner on each client. Source:

I’m using planner within Microsoft Teams on a weekly basis (not on a daily basis as some of my colleagues would like me to use it) and it is working as expected.

Wiki not created for channels created by guests

When a guest creates a new channel, the Wiki tab is not created. There isn’t a way to manually attach a Wiki tab to the channel. Source:

I did check this in my lab tenant using my work account as a guest.

  1. Luke created a team
  2. Luke added my work account as a guest to the team
  3. Luke configured the teams guest permission to allow channel creation
  4. I opened teams in my browser and switch to the lab tenant (friends don’t let friends switch tenants in the real teams app, even with fast tenant switching!)
  5. I opened the team and created a new channel
  6. Wiki tab was present and workingimage

Teams Planner integration with Planner online

Tasks buckets in Planner do not show up in Planner online experience. Source:

This is core feature of Planner and the issue was created 2+ year ago. It is just working as expected. image

Unable to move, delete or rename files after editing

After a file is edited in Teams it cannot be moved or renamed or deleted immediately Source:

I tried this with a mix of accounts and apps (Teams app and Teams in the browser) today. I could not reproduce it. It is still a “common” issue SharePoint Online but I never experienced it or got clients reporting this issue regarding Teams.

A team name with an & symbol in it breaks connector functionality

When a team name is created with the & symbol, connectors within the Team/Group cannot be established. Source:

I created two teams:

  1. Good & Bad Characters
  2. Only Good Characters

The connector option for both Teams showed up at about the same time. Maybe it is related to the special character but it took quite some time until the Exchange Online mailbox was provisioned. Longer than any test today for all the other use cases. But at the end I had no problems managing connectors for a Team with an “&” or without it in the name.

I find the Microsoft article in general very valuable and I noticed a few other things I want to talk about in the future. So stay tuned.